View towards south from 20M tower
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Saturday, June 22, 17:19
:: 20M 4el mono

This 4el yagi is a great performer, I have been having very much joy with this one. I bought the antenna used for a good price and it has really performed as I expected it to do. The antenna is mounted at a height of 18m on a thick aluminium tube pipe just slightly above the tower top. The boom has got polystran attached as boom support and that is needed even though the boom only is about 8m long. The rotator used to turn it is a YAESU G1000SDX and even though I have about 200m rotator cable it still works without any problems at all.

You can see some pictures of the antenna below.

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20M tower with JA view in background
Click on the picture to enlarge - JA view in the background



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