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Thursday, July 25, 0:13
:: Introduction

I got inspired by SM2DMU when I decided to do this homepage, so that people can read about how I built my station and maybe get inspired themself. I guess it can be extra interesting since it is built from a rather small budget and still made out to a quite competetive station. I have been guest oping very much from different really big stations, that makes mine look really small so why do I build an own station? Well, the answer is quite simple, I got tired of the traveling and also needing to setup so much, working with different setups all the time and a lot of other things that reduce the capability of producing good scores. Of course, I probably work less anyway but atleast I can do my best. I am also a huge fan of building stuff and that urge doesnt get pleased with just guest oping.

Another interesting thing with my station is that most of the antennas are located on a hilltop behind the shack. To make this it took a lot of energy and I had many lows in motivation before coming this far. Just draging the low loss coax 200m up a hilltop did really play a trick on me sometimes.

Since I am a student I don't have a very large budget so I can buy all stuff new. Therefor I have gathered stuff from various people, bought used antennas, amps, rigs etc. Also very much on the station is homebrew, like the whole antenna switching system, band decoders, SO2R boxes etc. The low loss coaxes are old military cable that I got really cheap with help of friends.

Of course this kind of station is nothing you can do absolutely by yourself. I would like to thank a few people for their efforts to help me.

  • SM3JLA - Has helped me with everything. From carrying stuff up the hilltop to climbing, putting up antennas and towers. Also several hours spent thinking out good solutions with me.

  • SM2NOG - All the stuff he has gathered for me is amazing. Coaxes, connectors, boxes, cables and also good ideas!

  • Mats Hamberg - My old buddy who helped me to put up towers, drilling holes in the mountain and carrying a lot of crap up the hill!

  • Mom, dad and my brother - For holding ropes when putting up antennas and all the support thru the years.

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    Name: Mikael Larsmark
    Location: Bäck, Sweden
    Age: 23
    QRV since: 1997-07-07
    Occupation: Student
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