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Tuesday, April 23, 17:0
:: Planned contests

On this page you can read about what plans I have for future contests. Hopefully I can fulfil all my plans aswell but that is not always possible because of exams and that kind of crap in school. The contests marked with (?) are either ones that I am not sure to be able to work or that I will take part in them but not serious.

25/11-26/11 2006, 48 hours M/S (@SM2HWG)

:: Croatian CW Contest
16/12-17/12 2006, 24 hours SOAB HP (@SM2HWG)

:: Russian DX Contest
17/3-18/3 2007, 24 hours SOAB HP MIX(@SM2HWG)



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Name: Mikael Larsmark
Location: Bäck, Sweden
Age: 23
QRV since: 1997-07-07
Occupation: Student
Contact me: e-mail

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