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Thursday, July 25, 0:17
:: Future plans

On this page you can read about what plans I have to do on my station during the near future. Most electronic devices are made during the winter when I am at university. Building electronics isnt fun during the summer, because that time should be spent putting up antennas.

:: 160M
Put up a higher inv vee or a vertical antenna.

:: 80M
Put up a spitfire array around a 24m high vertical.

:: 40M
Get up a 2el fullsize monobander but I need a new tower for this.

:: VHF
Plans for putting up 4x15el yagis. Gonna use a transverter and a 200W amp.

:: Other
  • Build an homebrew amp.
  • Finish my band decoders
  • Control box for the spitfire array

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    Name: Mikael Larsmark
    Location: Bäck, Sweden
    Age: 23
    QRV since: 1997-07-07
    Occupation: Student
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