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The QTH is located up in northern east part (63 degrees north) of the Sweden very close the coast. I have about 50m from my shack down to the ocean bay we live in. I live in a place called Höga Kusten which is a world inheritance with lots of high mountains, lakes and deep valleys. The name of my small village is Bäck and is located about 15km outside the biggest nearest town called Örnsköldsvik, a town that has produced lots of talented hockey players. The village is actually a summer house area so during winters its only a few people living there and distance to closest neighbour is about 300m. During the summer time the village is crowded though, but lucky for me only nice people and nobody has ever complained about TVI or similar.

My QTH is not really ideal towards west, I have a big disadvantage into that direction but towards westcoast of US it works great. W7 and W6 are really booming at this place, and all this mess is caused by one of all famous mountains at Höga Kusten. Towards many other directions the QTH totally rocks though, since I have salt water very close to me, the view to JA is absolutely great and that is the direction I am loudest into.

A fun fact about this municipality with 56 000 people is that we have the deepest area in Baltic Sea (293m) and also the highest IOTA mjältön which is 236m high.

The towns local hockey team MODO has also produced a lot of talented NHL players. NHL stars Peter Forsberg and Markus Näslund come from this small municipality. And I am a HUGE fan of Ice Hockey.

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