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Tuesday, April 23, 16:41
:: 40M 1/4 vertical

The 1/4 vertical antenna is homebrew made out of some old aluminium I had from a broken tribander. It is placed against an old tree stump and has got about 50 1/4 wavelength radials. The antenna is a good performer and has been used for a few years. This was the first antenna I had on the hilltop, that is the antenna that is to be blamed about everything, all hours spent carrying crap up the hilltop :-) The antenna is an ok perfomer but there are hopes about putting up some yagi for this band aswell, but more info about that on the future plans page.

You can see some pictures of the antenna below. Next visit home I will take some more detailed pictures and publish here on the page.

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Click on the picture to enlarge



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