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Saturday, June 22, 16:55
:: 20M-10M 6el tribander

This was the first antenna I did put up at this QTH. It is a 6el triband beam made by Mosley, really well constructed but quite heavy. It sits only about 50m from the shack which makes it rather impossible to work NA since I beam straight into the hilltop. This antenna is mainly used as fixed antenna and used to powersplit between monobander up on the hilltop. The only antenna I have that beats this antenna towards Europe is the 5el mono for 15M, it performs slightly better even though the difference is really small.

The antenna is mounted on a 16m tube mast that both can be tilted and pushed together to about 12m height. The mast was at first meant to be mounted against a roof ridge but since I needed to mount it on the mountain I made a special solution for it. It is held by a U-beam that is about 4m high with three steel pipes holding it. The mast is then mounted against the U-beam, exactly like it was mounted against a roof ridge. The whole mast rotates but I dont have any rotator on it now so it gotta be turned by hand.

You can see some pictures of the antenna below. Next time I go home I will try to take some more pictures of the U-beam solution. On the first picture you can see the top of the 20M tower in the background, before any antennas were mounted on it.

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